Like Dogs To Our Vomit

No one is stupid enough to believe that the guilt of the Syrian government in the recent chemical skirmish there has been established beyond a reasonable doubt. So what is really driving the war train?

The Turks have long since caught the phony “rebels” red-handed with sarin. The UN has already found them the likely perpetrators of a previous nerve gas attack. Why doubt their emulation of Winston Churchill, or rush to declare them innocent in the latest events? Why rule out third parties? The locals say the fighters got whatever it was they used from the Saudis, or perhaps from the Libyan desert with Anglo help, and having no idea how to handle it, spilled some and killed their own along with others.

The Israelis supposedly say otherwise. They supposedly say they picked up an incriminating call that the 7 trillion Middle Eastern employees of GCHQ and NSA somehow missed. The Germans too say they have exclusive proof that a fighter somewhere in Lebanon has expressed to an Iranian diplomat his conjecture that the Syrian regime has lost its cool and sprayed poison. But as usual the evidence, like a mystic vision, is too sensitive for mere mortals.

The “Syrian nationalist rebellion” has long since been exposed as a routine mercenary destabilisation. It uses the suffering of drought-ravaged Syrian farmers to mask lust for oil royalties. Sorry, gas royalties. Torrents of inflammatory money from Quataris and Saudis, in a marriage of convenience with the Zionists. Liars in love: the trans-Syrian pipeline dream, and its cousin the trans-Iranian pipe dream, hook up with the Yinon agenda of ruining the neighbours’ lives so they will go limp and stop interfering with quiet enjoyment of stolen goods. The Americans, once content to subcontract torture to Syria, have been trashing the place for a decade or so just in this most recent round, and they are still pulling wires from Turkish, Jordanian and other bases. The Israelis, ever the good neighbours and meticulous treaty adherents, have even been plausibly accused of exploiting the melee to lob mininukes into Syria.

Yet another war crime sandwich, with a slice of cannibalism. This time the whole world saw the chemical weapons hysteria coming and headed for the hills. Who wants to be the s--t that lionised soldiers of fortune for gassing little kids?

The White Phosphorus Club, that’s who. They have lied about such matters often enough before, with such gusto that you can hardly blame the Volksmund for accusing them of worshipping Lucifer. And yet there is something unusually wrong with the picture. You cannot work the Righteous Avenger con every six months without the hoi polloi wising up, and they have, yet here the will to lynch is so naked as to destroy the ersatz credibility which was the whole point of corrupting oneself. The Secretary of State may have spent his youth slaughtering everything that moved down on the Delta, but he is not a lobotomy victim. His Hitler Of The Week histrionics are obvious froth. So -- why?

Well, why did so many bright Americans grumble when the Formosa and Israel lobbies got off the leash lo these many years ago? The former ended up trashing the US manufacturing base, the latter the ‘peace dividend’ from the end of the Cold War. Then they turned out to be two sides of the same coin. The magic of the petrodollar has postponed the reckoning for a while, but has been diluted ever faster by sterile tax welfare and ‘empire’. The US GINI coefficient is out of control; people are slinking away from dollar deals; and Perry Mason, no longer able to pay his rent, has been shoved aside by the smelly heirs of Carl Schmitt. The Saudis, and Zs foreign and domestic, pounce on this emaciated moment to seed fresh proxy bloodshed, tampering with core Russian and Chinese security. Between them they have every means to blackmail a torn and frayed ex-republic. So crooked American politicians urge their thirsty constituents to forget infrastructure rejuvenation and settle for a vicarious circle jerk of gangland ‘credibility’.

Clearly the guilt for all this lies with Mr. and Mrs. Abdul Mohammed of Flower Street, Damascus. Their house and children must be blown up at once or the world may begin to doubt the moral beauty of freedom.